A carefully prepared, welcoming
STEM preschool environment.

Founded by parents & teachers from the Ogden International School of Chicago


Learning is our #1 priority.


Shaping hearts and minds is what we do!

STEM curriculum

Our proven curriculum prepares children for the rigor of quality K-12 programs.


Our Vision & Mission

(Belief, Beauty and Bond)


Welcome to Butler Children’s Prep, where we are committed to shaping hearts and minds! Our mission is to provide an education that appreciates different learning styles and creates a safe, intimate, and nurturing environment for all children to fulfill their potential.

Butler students will thrive while learning, and carry on the ideals of the three B’s: to have Belief in one’s abilities, that Beauty exists in all things, and that each of us shares a common Bond. This is the Butler way!

Through a mindful approach, Butler students will acquire the skills to become future leaders and thinkers; confidently growing in knowledge while becoming the best persons they can be.

Staying committed to our vision and mission will allow Butler to shape the hearts and minds of all who enter our doors.

Our Program

(STEM-based curriculum for ages 2-5)

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 Our Story

In June of 2015, the Ogden International School of Chicago, an IB school with a steep history in and around Chicago’s Gold Coast community, announced that it would be terminating its tuition-based preschool program to make way for the unprecedented increase in the number of new K-5 students.

The fact that Ogden’s pedagogical philosophy is so profoundly strong created a sense of duty for a few parents and teachers who believed in the continuance of the same mission. These parents and teachers are the founders of Butler Children’s Prep.

Designed to support individuality and independence, our preschool curriculum sets the stage for a love of learning. Along with helping to build a strong academic foundation, we place high value on nurturing social-emotional development.

 STEM curriculum

At Butler, we feel the first years of a child’s education are some of the most important. They should give him or her the right start – a solid grasp of the basics, a love of learning and a genuine curiosity about the world around them. Instilling a positive attitude about learning is vital in setting the tone for the rest of their education.

Our preschool is designed for children who have shown an interest in learning in a more academic environment compared to a strictly play-based setting. Each day is a new adventure under the caring guidance of highly qualified teachers. In addition to a STEM curriculum, we emphasize six learner qualities that create a well-rounded child at school and at home:

1. Curious
2. Respectful
3. Enthusiastic
4. Creative
5. Independent
6. Open-minded

 Our Philosophy

The link between early childhood and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education is indisputable. Early exposure to STEM – whether it be in school, at a museum, a library, or just engaging in the natural trial and error of play – supports children’s overall academic growth, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills, and enhances later interest in STEM study and careers.

With STEM as its core curriculum, BCP believes the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively.


From teaching the basics of physical and emotional well-being in yoga class to expanding linguistic horizons with Mandarin lessons, Butler provides its students a well-balanced and comprehensive variety of learning opportunities.

Butler’s weekly Mandarin, yoga & music enrichment classes for every age group are included in the cost of tuition.

 Long-lasting Benefits

Research consistently shows that a quality pre-k program has a positive effect on a child’s ongoing educational trajectory (National Institute for Early Education Research, 2016).

At Butler, the curriculum is tailored to each individual child and prepares them with the ability to engage in critical thinking, practice meaningful social skills, and develop moral and ethical values – all while learning advanced academic skills.

We also offer families detailed support in the ongoing private school process should a family choose to continue to in a private setting. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact us at (312) 643-1401.


Admissions + Enrollment



a Tour.

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We invite you and your family to begin the admissions process at Butler by scheduling a tour. Individual family tours allow us to give you focused time and attention and for you to see first hand, our program in action. Tours are scheduled Monday-Friday, typically in the morning, and last approximately 30 minutes.

Call (312) 643-1401 for questions or to schedule a tour.

Steps to Registration

1. Visit us. Call us or fill in the “Request Info” form (click the tab on the right of the page) to set up a school tour. Seeing is believing – which is why we invite you to tour our school before you complete an application.

2. Complete an application. At your tour, we will give you an application to complete, or we may send you an application if you want to have this form ahead of time. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $350 must accompany all applications. Enrollment fee checks are not deposited until an available space is offered and confirmed by the family. Once the enrollment fee is deposited, it is non-refundable and is not applied toward tuition.

3. Register your child. If you decide that Butler is a good fit for your child, and we have an opening right away, you can complete the registration by paying a non-refundable deposit of one month’s tuition. We will provide you with a countersigned application, which indicates your child’s start date, schedule and fees due by the first day of school. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the future (e.g., once old enough, or once you move, or for the next school year), we will place you on our wait list. We will note your requested start date and relevant program information, such as your desired schedule, and will contact you when a suitable opening becomes available.

4. Enroll. After registering your child, we will provide you with our parent handbook, as well as an enrollment package. This package contains a number of forms (immunization, health records, emergency contacts, etc., many of which are required by law) that we collect before we admit your child into our school. Please return these forms, along with the payments outlined in your copy of the application form, prior to your child’s start date.

5. Welcome! We look forward to seeing you and your child soon!


“Top-notch teachers,
beautiful school,
amazing curriculum!”

– Susie Esterline, Parent

Our Partners


Request your information and enrollment kit.

By submitting this information you consent for Butler Children’s Prep to use automated technology, including email and texts, to contact you at the email and number provided.