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Hello! Or, as we’re learning to say here at Butler Children’s Prep, Nǐ hǎo! We have this really great (completely biased, but totally true) educational preschool located in the Gold Coast Neighborhood of Chicago. We are starting this blog to share our ideas, thoughts, opinions, teaching methodologies, everything in between, and even some things outside of these topics.

We are a group of teachers and parents who got together and have been working hard to create this school and this program. This is a program we truly, 100%, with every grain in our beings believe in. We have done the research, lived the research, and we have seen what does and doesn’t work. We have seen where this world and this preschool generation are headed and have geared our curriculum to help prepare our little ones for success in whatever they choose to become. WHATEVER they choose. These words all need some special emphasis. Because we are not in the business of cookie cutting children, their choice matters, and, who they are matters. We will never stifle that at Butler.

Butler curriculum is very STEAM focused (Science, Technology. Engineering, Art, and Math). Children are encouraged to question the way things are and the way things work. Daily learning is focused around these questions and our units of study. We solve problems, build creations, explore, collaborate, communicate, and most important of all, persist when things get tough. Through this STEAM curriculum, students also master letters and numbers, learn about the world around them, improve fine and gross motor skills, learn Mandarin, and practice being kind and open-minded citizens of the world.

We’re excited you’ve visited our blog and hope you’ll come back to get to know us a little more about the things that make us buzz!

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